Gisteren fotograferen. Morgen exposeren. Hoe oud nieuw kan worden.

The adventures of Pablo

Pablo the Beetle has been in Belgium for only 3 months. Giving me a lot of joy when I see his smiling face. Or when I see kids turning their heads to follow this bright green car driving down the street!

But these Belgian rules have been keeping my head busy to get Pablo registered! Everyone wants some money, nobody knows what to do exactly. Sounds pretty Mexican to me! We should be on the right track now. I only need to save to get some modifications done and start the procedure of homoligation.

In the mean time, I’m allowed to drive around with his Mexican licence plate in Belgium. I love the Angel and 682-SEE!

As for the project, I’m preparing some workshops for summer. Pablo the Beetle will introduce children into the colourful Mexican world and photography! Next Friday I’ll hold a Mexican party for 44 kids, including enough homemade piñata’s, jamaica drinks and corncake. But the aspect that triggers me the most is the children’s questions. They’ll challenge me as a photographer to capture the answers. I do not need to finish up the workflow for that!

For sure I’ll keep you posted about Pablo and his adventures!


One response

  1. Monica

    I just have to say that i loved ur blogs!!! They’re very entertaining, but most of all about your Pablo Now residing in belgium!, love it!!! I’m from mexico city And let me tell u miss it so much, living in gringolandia!!( U.S) :p u made me go back to my city and take tons of pics of these beetles!! I hope ur having loads of success with Pablo !! Keep posting more !!

    September 17, 2011 at 12:11 am

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