Gisteren fotograferen. Morgen exposeren. Hoe oud nieuw kan worden.


After the verification was fixed, it was time to head to the South. First stop: Puebla.

I left very early in Mexico City to be on time for the meeting with Volkswagen de México. A trip of 2 hours took me 3,5 hours, without too much traffic! So I was too late for the meeting. Luckely I could postpone this important meeting to Tuesday.

With the weekend ahead, there was loads of time to discover Puebla. Cholula is an amazing town nearby, with loads of churches. The most important one stands on top of a pyramid. The Spanish conquistador Cortès covered the pyramid to show the native Mexicans that the Catholic relegion is the only true one. Besides this church, you can find more than 270 other ones!

Another interesting attraction is the Africam Safari. Of course it mainly has African animals, like the name suggests. I just spotted a few ones to answer a question “Are there wild animals in Mexico?”. A pitty I couldn’t get a good shot of the crocodiles! It’s a great place where you can drive with your own car through the zoo and see the animals in wide spaces. It’s a must see for (foreign) travellers with kids! For the adults, some signs are hilarious. In Belgium they would make a big fuzz to have signs like these!

Puebla itself is a nice city with a nice zocalo and colourfull tiles. A mixture of the tiles in Portugal. The cty is too big to meet children in a relaxed way or to find answers on the questions. So we left asap more to the South.



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