Gisteren fotograferen. Morgen exposeren. Hoe oud nieuw kan worden.

Town of the mariachis, Cocula or Tecatitlan?

The last days I spend on finding the answer on “Why do Mexicans wear sombreros?” Of course you end up finding mariachis!

First I checked out Cocula, the birthplace of the mariachis. But there isn’t much to see… I couldn’t spot any statue or rural paint nearby the Zocalo. So I ended up asking the locals. And so I found the Museum of Mariachis, one black after the Municipality (at the zocalo). The free entrance is nice. There is a rural painting and some old music instruments. But that’s all the town has to offer. Too little to be worth a visit…

So we moved to the next city Tecatitlan. There should be dozens of mariachis. Euh… not on a regular day. The city looks much nicer than the previous. And there is a statue of Sylvester Vargas, in traditional clothes, the founder of the mariachis in this town. We asked a local and he explained there are only mariachis on special occasions. But there is a group of children playing in the Museum Sylvester Vargas. It’s just one little street away from the Zocalo. The museum is in full construction. When finished, it will be worth a visit. You’ll be able to chose any Mariachi song, and you can listen to it.

In the back of the museum I can hear violins, trompets, gitars and a voice practising on some songs. The children rehearsing their mariachi-songs! When I explained them the project of Pablo de Kever, they were happy to go out and play some songs for him. So we shot some songs, with the sombreros! Just one, because the heat is extreme during the day! And it’s not comfortable to hold your instrument too. That’s why loads of mariachis don’t wear the sombrero!

I’ll edit these songs later. I first made a movie about the daily life of a Mexican boy (also playing in the mariachis) for Saved by the Bell. You can check out the video here! (And watch the kids with sombreros!)

I am almost down at the coast of Michoacan. Heading to place that are not mentioned on the gps or Google Maps… I don’t expect any internet for days! I keep you posted soon!


One response

  1. Hey Evy!
    An old colleague of you / friend of mine, Tom, told me about your project because I told him I would leave on a road trip around Mexico at the end of the month. I am also going to buy a car and drive… I read all your blog and find it very inspiring! Looking forward to your new adventures and to my own trip off course.
    I live in Mexico, Playa del Carmen, since more than a year and a half and some of your stories made me laugh a lot because they have happened to me too.
    If you are coming around to the Riviera Maya, let me know if you need anything…
    Or who knows, maybe we meet somewhere on the road!
    I wish you good luck with your project!
    Take care, Steph

    October 10, 2010 at 4:54 pm

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