Gisteren fotograferen. Morgen exposeren. Hoe oud nieuw kan worden.

How to survive Mexico?

My boyfriend arrives tomorrow in Mexico City! It’s his first time here.

My first time is 9 years ago but I still remember some frustrated moments… And many people wonder about the safety here. Until now, I never had problems. Well, I almost got raped one time, but I shouted some bad words (cabrón! hijo de puta!), and he took off! I was walking at night in a skirt ’cause my plans of the day turned out different than expected. I hardly wear skirts now! Most Mexican women in Mexico City don’t wear skirts!

Here are some tips “How to survive Mexico?”

1. Always smile (Mexicans do too)

2. If you ask the way, always ask 2 different people (They can’t say “No, I don’t know the way”. So they invent something, sending you the other way!)

3. Learn a few words Spanish: eg “Gracias” (Thank You), “Buenos días” (Good morning). (It shows your interested in their culture, so they are even more nice to you! And they hardly speak English or any another language!)

4.  Be patient. (Everything takes a bit longer here in Mexico. Punctual Mexicans excists, but traffic – especially in Mexico City – is hard to predict)

5. Don’t ware any jewels or other expensive items. (This count for every country or big city. The more you show off with your expensive goods, the more likely you get robbed!)

6. Throw toilet paper in the trash bin (So don’t get shocked by these bins full of paper. The draining canal doesn’t work that good here!)

7. Give the waiter/waitress 10-15% tip in a restaurant (Most of the world is not used to give a tip, but here they get a pitiful salary!)

Keep this 7 tips in mind, and you’ll enjoy your stay in Mexico (City) even more!


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