Gisteren fotograferen. Morgen exposeren. Hoe oud nieuw kan worden.


Very good news! After seeing many horrible VW Beetles, we managed to find Pablo! Look! Mira!

Model – 2003 – Classic
Weight – 820 kilos
Kms – 87 000
Color  – Green Jade Perla

He’s in good condition: engine, exterior and interior. He needs to be fixed just a little bit. Replacements of bougies, tires, franes,… thanks to the sponsoring of orginal VW parts by Antonio Trejo ( – contact him if you need any VW Beetle parts anywhere in the world)!

And of course, Pablo needs to get his right colours! That will happen this weekend. Of course I will follow this process with my camera and will share his transformation on the blog!

At this moment I have only 5 pesos left, well Antonio lent me some. Although I had loads of money in my MasterCard, the daily withdrawal was cut. It was a challenge to get the last bit of the money this morning. He’s twice the budget I had in mind 34 500 pesos (2 100 EUR), but he’s worth every peso!

It’s the first car I ever bought in my life… A black VW Beetle was the first car I drove. And I used the Vocho Verde (taxi) every day to get to my internship in Mexico City 6 years ago. I never imagined at that time to have my own, but today I have! Where’s the champaign?! Oh, right Mexico. I’ll get some the tequila this weekend 😉

Hasta luego, with new adventures!


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