Gisteren fotograferen. Morgen exposeren. Hoe oud nieuw kan worden.

Where is Pablo?

Yesterday I spend the whole afternoon with the mechanic. I got to practise my Spanish again. He explained me the new colours of the taxi’s, but still no vocho!

After 1,5 hour of delay, the guy arrived with his beetle of ’94. It got a decent investigation of the mechanice and it failed… The engine was too old, not working smooth. It should cost about 25 000 pesos (1 500 EUR) to fix everything! On top of the purchase of the car 20 000 pesos (1 000 EUR). My budget can’t handle that.

Any old vocho would face this problem. So we focus on finding a model of 2000 or more recent. People didn’t answer their mobile phone of the adds. We checked one, but it has been a taxi. Although he claimed it never was.

So back to zero. The mechanic and I will spend the whole day together on Tuesday to call and check beetles. He’s confident we will find a good one that day! He claims he has loads of time to fix and paint to car. So that job should be done fast.

While waiting, he told me that the new colours refer to Bicentenario. I heard that before, but never received a detailed explanation. Now I did. The golden colour refers to the 200 years of Independance of Mexico. The red/magenta colour is to remember the Mexican revolution in 1910. I assume they refer to the blood that got spilled, like the Mexican flag. Red for the people who died, white for hope and green for the nature.

Conclusion of this weekend. It’s easy to find and buy a vocho, but it’s hard to find one that could take us 7 000 km or more!


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