Gisteren fotograferen. Morgen exposeren. Hoe oud nieuw kan worden.

A quick note

Just a quick note in the middle of the night here in Mexico City…

Last days have been full of preparation to buy a vocho (VW Beetle), get a Mexican mobile phone, try out shootings for the blog of Pablo de Kever and find a nice place to have an interview by webcam. Preparation here means loads of patience… and transportation!

‘Cause I don’t have the car yet, I’m stuck with public transportation. You can get around the whole city, combining taxi, pesero (bus) and metro. Today I was suprised to find out that the metro got more expensive, 50%!!! Before it was 2 pesos, now they charge 3 pesos for one trip. Which is still extremely cheap: less than 0,20 EUR! Don’t try this in Europe, you pay at least 10 times as much!

Oh, and I found an app of the Metro in Mexico City for the iPhone. It’s pretty basic (would love to have more PoI’s), but it’s great to have the map in the palm of your hand, anytime you need it!

I promise to give an update about buying the vocho by the end of this week!


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