Gisteren fotograferen. Morgen exposeren. Hoe oud nieuw kan worden.


Today is day number 100 that Belgium tries to establish a new government. Mission uncomplete untill now. In the mean time Yves Leterme makes himself unwanted in the Walloon region by claiming in a television interview he likes the Vlaamse Leeuw (Flemish Anthym) in stead of the Brabançonne (Belgian anthym). There is a big chance he will not make it as the new prime minister of Belgium.

Last weekend the news papers were full with “a fine of 5 000 EUR”. Yeah, it is all about numbers this article! Foreigners are obliged to follow an “inburgeringscursus“, a course about Belgium that enables you to integrate into the culture (language & orientation). Starting from the beginning of 2008 you can get a fine (up to 5 000 EUR) if you refuse to take this course. Each province has one or more centra. Most of them forgot one important aspect, using English as main language. They can not expect everybody already speaks Dutch before integrating! Maybe they should get a fine too if they keep their website in Dutch!
Antwerp (province) – Provinciaal Integratiecentrum Minderheden Antwerpen (Pricma)
Antwerp (city)- Stedelijk Onthaalbureau PINA
Flemish-Brabant – Onthaalbureau Vlaams-Brabant
Limburg – Onthaalbureau Limburg
East Flanders – Onthaal Nieuwkomers Oost-Vlaanderen (Onov)
Ghent – Centrum voor Anderstalige Nieuwkomers Kom-Pas
West Flanders – Provinciaal Integratie Centrum West-Vlaanderen (Pric)
Brussels (city) – Brussels Onthaalbureau Nieuwkomers (BON)

If you want to have a peak how daily life is in Antwerp, you can check out this slideshow with some of my pictures. More pictures coming up later!


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