Gisteren fotograferen. Morgen exposeren. Hoe oud nieuw kan worden.

National Holiday(s)

News is very low at the moment. Well, a depression is a better word to describe the current affairs. Our Royal family left for holidays, so no news about our princes and princesses. Yves Leterme and his colleagues are still trying to form a new government. This will take some a long time because every political party has his own (contradictory) needs.

So yeah, this is the most inproductive week of the Belgian community, due to the summer periods and the national holiday tomorrow 15th of August. You should get the right reflex when you here “national holiday” because at these moments daily life in Belgium is dead. Banks and shops are closed, trains and busses hardly operate and a day of! How can you survive this dull day? Do your grocery the day before and enjoy the day itself by visiting musea, taking a walk in the park or other touristic attractions, having fun with your friends. In case you live close to the border of France or the Netherlands, take the train and shop till you drop in another world!

Please leave any suggestions how to survive these holidays. More information about our national holidays you can find in the section Useful to know > National Holidays.


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