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Gisteren mocht ik het boek Kijk! Spelen met fotografie voorstellen op Ketnet. Hanne, Jean en Vita gingen mee in de studio bij wrapper Sien. Zij hielpen me aan het schrijven van het boek. Voor de Ketnetters legden ze een paar opdrachtjes uit.

Er was niet zoveel te zien van de opdrachten in het boek. Maar dan moet je maar eens gaan spieken in de boekenwinkel. Of kom mee spelen op de Boekenbeurs op 11 november tussen 13u en 16u bij de stand van Lannoo!

Klik op onderstaande video om de 2 wraps online te bekijken.


Love Bugs Parade


Voorbije zondag had de 5e Love Bugs Parade plaats in Brussel. Honderden broertjes en zusjes waren aanwezig. En de pers was ook nieuwsgierig naar de kever met een naam… Mijn liefde voor Pablo de Kever kun je hier nog eens bekijken:

TV Brussel

De Love Bugs Parade stond dit jaar in het teken van de Mexicaanse kever, naar aanleiding van de “Vochol” die geëxposeerd wordt in Bozar. Deze vocho gemaakt in huichol kunst werd gemaakt door miljoenen parels en wordt binnenkort geveild.


Vlaamse Interieurs op video

De expo reist verder, nog heel eventjes.

In Antwerpen-Centraal kwamen de grote prints het beste tot hun recht. Mensen bleven spontaan stilstaan, poseerden voor de foto, vertelde elkaar verhalen of kinderen speelden met het interieur.

Zet u. Kijk en luister even naar de Vlaamse Interieurs en anekdotes van hun inwoners. Ook Axl Peleman deelt een levendige herinnering!

Meer uitleg en vertalingen van de anekdotes zijn te ontdekken in het vervolg van de expo.

Getting ready for Pablo!

I dedicate the upcoming week totally to Pablo de Kever (Pablo the Beetle).

On Monday I’ll speak about the whole project on an ICT-Day for teachers in Belgium. On Tuesday I’ll pick Pablo up at the harbour in Zeebrugge. Giving an interview to the radio and spend the next days to get everything done with the customs and other administration. On Friday I will present him to the press and everybody who wants to meet him!

In between I’m getting ready to visit different places with Pablo. You can check out his planned visits on this map!

First video – Frietjes!

When I woke up yesterday morning, I checked the mails on my iPhone and found this question “Do they also eat French Fries?”

French Fries are invented in Belgium (Americans thought they were in France when they discovered, but where situated in the French-speaking part of Belgium). It’s a big part of our own culture, so I was eager to shoot the answer! I jumped out of my bed with my head full of ideas!

I walked in the streets, took videos of all kind of food (I do receive many questions about the typical food), and made new friends by shooting their mushrooms and daily dishes!

Of course, I don’t go to the main centre of Mexico City. I have my own town where I can find anything, and people know me by now. It felt great to be back in San Bernabe! The people are so kind. They even cheered for the girl of the intro “Yes, we also have French Fries here in Mexico!”.

So I ended up eating French Fries with peel, digging them out of the pool of ketchup, liquid cheese and spicy salsa… And I had a rough time finishing half a liter of pineapple juice ’cause I wanted to hang out in the restaurant. But well, it’s hardly a sacrifice!

Check out the video

Stopmotion Pablo de Kever

The video of Pablo de Kever (Pablo the Beetle) is finally ready! After loads of hours photographing, editing and help from friends and family! Enjoy and share!

I have only 3 days left to head back to Mexico… First I’ll give another workshop about Mexico for children AND we’ll hit the piñata Pablo! Pictures will follow ;)

First video

The first video to promote the blog for children is online! It’s green… More information will follow…

6 weeks

No, I am not pregnant or so… Only 6 weeks left and I’ll be rediscovering Mexico!

Loads of things to do (insurance, VW beetle, sponsors), and little time left… My main focus for now is the blog I’ll start for Flemish children to follow my adventures in Mexico. I will post stories, pictures, videos, little games but most important are the questions they have about Mexico. The VW beetle, my boyfriend and I will go and look for the answers! This colourfull blog will be online soon!

In the mean time I keep on looking for pictures to put in my playlist. I heard this morning “Joe le Taxi” of Vanessa Paradis on the radio, a big summer hit about 23 years ago :-o The videoclip is totally outdated (and fun to watch!), but the vibes are perfect for a hot summer!

Dirty love

Great remix of You’ve got the Love from Florence + The Machine! For now only to see on youtube, but I hope to find the mp3 to add it on the playlist for the roadtrip… To celebrate the good news of today, for you ;)

The Cardigans

I loved this videoclip as a teenager, such a great roadtrip feeling! But could only dream at that time to hit the road myself. The countdown starts, only 4,5 months left! Oh, but I’ll behave on the road and keep it save, thanks to amazing company :)

Try-out Stopmotion

Many ideas are bursting in my head… I don’t want to wait for my roadtrip to be creative with images, I tried out stopmotion myself today. This one second is just an attempt, a better version will follow. But I didn’t know it was that easy to create your own stopmotion video, even with Photoshop CS3. More will follow!

Stopmotion Video

No, you won’t find a VW beetle in this video… But I adore stopmotion video’s  and this is a great example, made by one of the coolest Belgian companies Beast Animation. I can’t wait to make my own video’s with my VW beetle, or on top… or inside… or underneath…

Retro advertisement VW Beetle

If I could, I would also make an advertisement for my roadtrip in Mexico, maybe in August when I’ll be the proud owner of my VW beetle :) For now, I just share this great vintage video… I won’t be challenged by snow, but I know my beetle will take me up these steep hills in Mexico! Well, maybe I should start some work-out and gain some extra muscles in case he gives up in the middle of the road. I’ll soon make a “to take”-list.

Smashing Pumpkins on my radio…

Another song to put on my playlist for the roadtrip: the perfect rythm and beats of sun!

Chocolate Beetle – Final part

Het begon als grap, maar nu is hij klaar.. een chocoladekever! Hij is groen, heeft marsepeinen wielen, snoepjes als achterlichten en chocolade ruitenwissers! Het enige dat ontbreekt zijn de verse pralines. Volgende week dinsdag 15 december wordt hij gevuld. Raad hoeveel deze gevulde kever weegt en win hem! Mail het gewicht naar of twitter met vermelding #chocolatebeetle.

What started as a silly joke, became reality… A chocolate beetle! He’s green, has wheels made of marzipan, rear lights of candies and chocolate wipers! The only thing that is missing are the fresh chocolates, which will be placed inside the beetle next week!

Chocolate Beetle – Part 2

Who’s gonna be the first to guess the right weight of the chocolate beetle?

Check out tips and making of on:

VW Beetle ad

No movie of me this time. But an ad of VW. Feels like home here in Belgium, all these different nationalities and people driving around :)

Video of Dia de Muertos

I used my Canon 5DII most of the time to take pictures. But from time to time I switched to video. You can check out some impressions in this small video. Another video will be available later.

Vochos by night

I’m totally into the Canon 5DII video! I managed to get some shoots that represent Mexican daily life with the vocho really well!

More vocho’s in Mexico

Back in Mexico, I am hunting some more VW beetles. Not only with my Pentax67 (thank you my friend to convince me to take it with me!), but also with my 5DII and its option “video”. It’s exciting to capture the Mexican atmosphere on the streets… (quality did drop due to youtube :( )


IJzerwake in video

I tried to make a slideshow with music that fits to the content of the IJzerwake. This is what I came up with. The sounds and the pictures together bring you closer to the reality of the event.

You hear the Flemish anthym: De Vlaamse Leeuw.


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