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The mystery of VW Beetles vanishing in Mexico City

Another day went by… It seems like each day there are less VW Beetles for sale in Mexico City. I did discovered why…

The search is difficult and little time is left. So I got some extra help, thanks to an e-mail from Belgium! And I am verry happy to have Antonio Trejo on my side!

After checking the internet, we saw two vochos. Both in a very sad condition, although the adds mentioned “muy bueno condiciones”. For them this includes holes in the ceiling, missing bits in the door, broken windscreen, missing parts in the engine…

So we went back to search on the internet and newspapers. But they have just 1 or 2 new adds with vochos each day. And the famous second-hand newspaper Segunda Mano is not released on paper anymore, only on the internet since 2010. There is another newspaper left, Segunda Trato, release on Thursdays. So lets hope a lot of people who don’t use internet put their vocho for sale in Segunda Trato!

And really sad news, the Beetles in Mexico City dissapear fast! The government of Mexico City wants to get rid of them, but there is still a high demand in other cities. For example Acapulco, where they still have loads of white Beetles as taxi’s – I will check this myself in a few weeks. I did see the first piece of evident today! I saw in a garage plenty of green taxi’s and white Beetles. They were fixing only green taxi’s to sell them outside Distrito Federal.

Let’s hope we find Pablo soon, and keep him safe from unrespectfull drivers or wholesalers!


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