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Mexican hotels

After sleeping almost 2 months in hotels, I start to grave to have my own room again. Luckely you can find cheap hotels almost everywhere, starting from 180 pesos (10 EUR) up to 350 pesos (20 EUR). Prices are always higher in touristical cities.

The best thing is to go and have lunch or dinner in the city/village you will stay. Get some energy before you start your search! ‘Cause it really helps to check 4-5 hotels to get a better price. Some Mexicans dare to ask too much money for a crappy room! And if you want to be sure, ask to see the room. It’s the same as asking the menu before you enter a restaurant. It’s pretty common here!

If you the hotel has stars, please keep in mind that stars are given easily. As for my experience, one star stands for:

- a curtain in the shower (yes, loads of rooms have the water spread all over your toilet and basin!)

- an elevator (didn’t got any hotel with an elevator up to now!)

- two towels if you ask a room for two people (and if you’re lucky, two of these “rosa” soaps!)

- and half a star for a small pool

- and half a star for a restaurant that closes at 6pm! (made us drive up to the next town for a decent meal!)

A (safe) parking space is really important for me too. I don’t want Pabo the Beetle standing outside on the street, and wake up the next morning without mirrors or wheels! It’s very common that Mexicans steel parts from your car. So if you travel with a car, make sure you get free parking space in the hotel. Otherwhise you can pay 100 pesos (6 EUR) or more for a pension at an ‘estacionamiento’.


This part was a long trip along the Pacific coast. A unknown place without mobile connection, so for sure without internet! It was hard to stay connected. And I lost track of this blog. Sorry, all my priorities go to the childrens’ blog!

Our friends warned us for “dangerous” roads in the state Michoacan. But they assured us it wasn’t the coast. Driving the first kilometers in the bloody sun, we got stopped by soldiers. Their uniform and weapons do give you the creeps. At the end, they just wanted to warn us that this road is dangerous…

Keeping our eyes open, we kept on driving because there was no other way! We didn’t see any suspicous activities. Although the road is abandoned and I wouldn’t recomand any tourist to take this road!

After 250 km we were very curious to see the sea. We saw an Ecotourist place nearby the beach in Tizupan. A quiet place in the middle of knowhere with a private swimming pool. On top of that, we were the only guests on a Saturday! We enjoyed the sunset a lot and it felt for like holidays! But ecotourism here in Mexico means bugs and animals in and outside your hut!

Lazaro Cardenas was the next stop in mind, but it was too big and hot. So we stopped in the nice beach place Zihuatanejo. There we spend some more money on a great room with private beach and enjoyed the walk on the beach at night!

The next day we spend another 250 km in Pablo the Beetle to get to Acapulco. It’s a hot city, with crazy traffic and loads of beetle taxi’s! They are white with bleu spots, I love them! The heat killed us. And I got curious to see what’s up next in the state Guerrero. So the next day we moved again, making our way back to Mexico City!

We do have to keep our eyes open for all the animals on the road. We killed several lizard sunbathing on the road… Really sad, but it’s better than hitting one of the horses or cows grazing along the highway!


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