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Hit the piñata!

To say goodbye from the Belgian children, there was a workshop about Mexico. Including hitting a piñata! For sure, the kids had loads of fun with the dozens of candies and toys. The Belgian television asked them which kind of questions they have about Mexico. You can discover the answers soon on!

You can check out on this post how to make your own piñata!


A few more digital shots. My films are in the lab. Tomorrow I should be able to scan them and know if the 3 weeks of work were worth all the effort!



Vocho Verde by night


Pinata Spiderman


Today we went all over the city to buy accessory for the pictures and check out some places. The smogs kills every cell in your body… But we succeeded to find what we needed. And most important our pinata’s! The metro was so crowded that we had to squeeze all four of us in a “bochito” (green beetle cab)…

We also checked out the church and surroundings of a pueblo (village). We will shoot some ceromonies next weekend. Some details are amazing… The rest I will show later!


Today I spend the whole day outside in Chapultepec Parc. Yes, I have a tanned skin, slightly red. But I also have some more pictures. I am getting into the rythm! The two-year old girl was so nice to pose for me surrounded by her presents. And the party-boy (alias Iron Man) felt a bit tired after his piñata…


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