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Kijk! Spelen met fotografie – voor leerkrachten

De voorbije weken was mijn agenda goed gevuld met fotografieworkshops. Niet om mezelf bij te scholen, maar om leerkrachten onder te dompelen in de fotografie.

Ondertussen kennen jullie het boek Kijk! Spelen met fotografie wel. Misschien heb je het al zien pronken in de (kinder)boekenwinkels of in de bib. En hopelijk heb je ook al de illustraties in het boek bekeken. De reacties die ik krijg zijn heel lovend, zowel over de illustraties als over de opdrachten zelf.


Nu kan het zijn dat je als leerkracht het gevoel hebt dat het allemaal nogal ‘kort’ is. Het is belangrijk om te weten dat dit geschreven is voor het kind, zodat die daar zelf heel eenvoudig mee aan de slag kan. Als je de opdrachten als startpunt neemt en integreert in je lessen, dan heb je plots een waardevolle inspiratiebron!

De meeste opdrachten zijn een abstractie van mijn educatieve en creatieve workshops. Dus er ligt een ruimere aanpak verscholen achter de eenvoudige opdrachten. Bij “Spiegeltje aan de wand” gebruiken kinderen een spiegel om objecten te verdubbelen. Plots zien leerkrachten mogelijkheden om dit toe te passen in wiskunde, oa het illustreren (én registreren) van symmetrie!

Beeld in de Klas

Mijn doel is om binnen 10 jaar alle leerkrachten aan te zetten om regelmatige fotografie als lesmethodiek te gebruiken. De leerkrachten uit de voorbije workshops zijn ondertussen ambassadeurs geworden. En dat smaakt naar meer!

Houd dus zeker in de gaten voor toekomstige workshops “Beeld in de Klas” voor leerkrachten.
(Op dit moment focussen de workshops zich op normaal en buitengewoon lager onderwijs. Workshops voor kleuteronderwijs en middelbaar onderwijs groeien op dit moment in mijn hoofd).




Vocho Verde

Expo Vocho Verde

Sommigen hebben mijn fotoreeks “Vocho Verde”, over de groene kevertaxi’s in Mexico Stad, al bewonderd in Autoworld in 2010.

Voor diegene die toen de kans niet kregen is er goed nieuws. De reeks kun je nu gratis bewonderen op de knalgroene muur van het koffiehuis De Dikke Kat, Kasteelpleinstraat 26 in Antwerpen. De foto’s hangen nog omhoog tem 26 januari. En voor wie ook verbonden is met een beetje nostalgie met deze groene kevers, de foto’s zijn ook te koop!

Als je meer wil weten over de fotoreeks, dan kun je een kijkje nemen op de website over de Vocho Verde. En voor diegenen die al een déjà-vu voeldenopkomen… Ja, natuurlijk lijkt Pablo de Kever op deze taxi’s! Ik heb hem speciaal in het leven geroepen om deze verdwenen iconische taxi in ere te houden!

Expo Vocho Verde

Expo Vocho Verde



Een portret maken met je model en je omgeving. Meer moet dat niet zijn. De uitdaging om je te beperken met wat je hebt. Je model een beetje kennen helpt om net die karaktertrekken in beeld te brengen. Maar in deze vrije portretten hoeft niets, alles mag. Een blik. Een glimlach. Of een beetje verlegenheid.


Ik leefde me eerder deze week uit met mijn camera en telelens, zonder dat ik daarvoor iemand moest shockeren! Het resultaat zijn enkele portretjes waarin ik me zeker kan vinden qua sfeer!

Wie tijd en zin heeft, mag ook altijd eens voor mijn camera kruipen. Stuur een mailtje naar

iPhone… finally!

After dreaming about it for 2 years, I gathered enough arguments to buy this expensive toy! It will help me to photograph and film my stories, post it on this blog, stay in touch with friends at home… and get me back on track with the gps and compass in case I get lost!

The next months, I’ll be discovering the iPhone 3Gs from inside out! So friends, be aware of me and my iPhone :)

I couldn’t resist the nice leather skin with the Mexican flag as protection… for sure all the Mexicans will love me! (Well, they already do thanks to my bright blue eyes :p )

Polaroid – Black & white

I managed to shoot a whole afternoon faces… trying to capture a tiny smile in people their eyes with my large format camera. I’ve got a lot of work to finish up the film and scans. You can check out already one polaroid, a shot of Imke Dielen. This is how she looks, in real life and on the cover of her book.

Imke Dielen

VW Bugshow @Francorchamps

Last Sunday I spend on the other side of our country… hunting beetle cars again, but instead I got hunted by the rain. I am pretty sure I could have captured some nece sceneries demonstrating the passions that Europeans have for the vochos. But I’ll have to find that happiness next time…

VW Bugshow @Francorchamps 06

VW Bugshow @Francorchamps 01

VW Bugshow @Francorchamps 05

VW Bugshow @Francorchamps 02

VW Bugshow @Francorchamps 04

VW Bugshow @Francorchamps 03

VW Bugshow @Francorchamps 07

WEDSTRIJD De Film van Mijn Leven

These pictures of mine participate in the competition “DE FILM VAN MIJN LEVEN”  of the television channel Canvas. You can still send your pictures until midnight 26th of May on the website of Canvas. (I do hate the colour desaturation of WordPress :s )


XV Anos


Vocho Verde




El hombre arana


Angels, Demons and Guadelupe

Red Shoe

At last I managed to try out my polaroid-back on my second-hand Pentax 6×7. I am so happy it works! And Fuji is still providing the necessary instant film FP-100C. So I wanna share the first one I made with you! I will try to scan it on a much higher resolution later on so the structure of the instant film is visible. I can’t wait to shoot more pola’s!


Red Shoe


A few more digital shots. My films are in the lab. Tomorrow I should be able to scan them and know if the 3 weeks of work were worth all the effort!



Vocho Verde by night


Pinata Spiderman

Mexico by Night

Yesterday was my last shooting day, so I took the advantage to take another angle from Periferico. This time without a car crash! The other pictures is from the flower market in Santa Angel. Even at 10pm they were still people hoping to sell their flowers…

Periferico by Night


Flower Market - San Angel

On the road III

The next images represent Mexican culture… Curious kids on the street, an improvised market on the street where they sell garbage and 5th-hand goods, some typical stores with a mixed-up architecture and an advertisement painted on the wall…

Curious kids


5th-hand market


Mexican Architecture


Chicken advertisement

Semana Santa in Mexico City

Last Friday I got up early to explore a town and its Semana Santa. At 7.20 it looked very abandoned. Just a few people who started dragging big bags out of the church. I started wondering what they were doing with these bags, so I followed them. They started making a coloured tapestry for the procession of Semana Santa. I was amazed by the speedness they made it. But I was astonished when I found out they made this tapestry the whole way of the procession, untill the hill with the temple. It’s a perfect example of Mexican culture: a mix of their own traditions and the Catholic influence of Spain… Most pictures I took with my Pentax. I shot some digital to check the light, which was horrible during midday… Every day I fall in love again with the format of the Pentax. It seems like the digital makes everything so flat and out of balance… I am not satisfied with these pictures, but I do want to share this tradition for Easter.

Semana Santa - Feet


Semana Santa - Procession


Semana Santa - Cross


Semana Santa - Jesus


Semana Santa - Tapestry


Semana Santa - Walk on the hill


Semana Santa - Temple

Daily life

On the road for my project I hit on some daily life sceneries. Tonight this happened literally right in front of my feet while I was standing on a pedestrian bridge of Periferico…

Car crash at Periferico, San Angel


Vendor in Coyoacan



Back in Mexico… again!

I’m back in Mexico to make a reportage of the bochito’s, the green beetle taxi’s. You fall in love when you see them. No matter how sad you feel, they always put a smile on your face!

Bump of a bochito

Earth Hour 09

Some cityscapes from Earth Hour 09 in Antwerp: the Cathedral, Hilton Hotel,…

Earth Hour 09 in Antwerp

Earth Hour 09 in Antwerp

Earth Hour 09 in Antwerp

Earth Hour 09 in Antwerp

On the road…

for my project “Vlaamse interieurs” I found next sceneries. I love to stop the car, park it somewhere in the bank next to a tree, grab my Pentax 67, jump into the field and shoot…

Garden gnome



Just trying out to mix available light with artificial…

Twilight Berchem

Twilight Sky

Twilight Single

Twilight Alcatel

More family, in black and white

Here are two more pictures in black and white, taken with my large format camera ( T-max 400 – 4×5 inch). I hope to catch soon more  happiness in people’s their eyes…





Moving landscapes

These pictures are the result of another approach: frame, wait and click. I do like to have a wide view of the environment and the people are the extra details. I hoped to have more sharpness, but the light was too weak. Yes, even in Mexico.


Inside a Bochito

I tried out to take pictures inside a beetle taxi. But it is quite tough to fit inside the cab with all the equipment. And the light difference inside and outside… Here is a try-out, but not yet finished in Photoshop.


Today I spend the whole day outside in Chapultepec Parc. Yes, I have a tanned skin, slightly red. But I also have some more pictures. I am getting into the rythm! The two-year old girl was so nice to pose for me surrounded by her presents. And the party-boy (alias Iron Man) felt a bit tired after his piñata…

Niñas de México

At last, I kicked off the project today! Spending the whole day in church, praying in Spanish (for me just pretending), making quick moves, kissing my thumb, watching people popping up and down… For sure, it’s not the same as in Belgium!

Below you can see the girl I photographed today in her special dress for her baptism. Mexicans love to be on the picture, especially when you tell a story about their culture. So I am lucky! I also took pictures of a “quinceañera”: the introduction of a girl, who turns 15 years, to the society. I love their princess’ look! 

I just hope my large format pictures go well… I am getting very stressed when I think about all the things that can go wrong (loading in my portable dark room, scanning in the airport, the lab, etc). So I try to relax myself by taking a digital back-up of every shot… The frames look more or less the same as the large format pictures, which I will have developed in some weeks. Please give feedback, because I am so focused right now on getting all the technical stuff right on location!

The Dirty Look

I am already obsessed for some days with Tim Burton’s latest movie Sweeney Todd. (You should see me singing in the house while checking out the lyrics on youtube!) When I checked out “the making of” I realized that most of the feeling was added afterwards digital. When I found Scott Kelby (THE photoshop goeroe who already wrote so many books about it) his advice for a “dirty look” I tried it out on one of my pictures. I was stunned, It does changes the whole atmosphere… Below you can find the original picture.


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