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Dead people in Oaxaca!

Two days ago I arrived in Oaxaca. For me it’s the place of Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead). It’s a big thing all over the country, but mostly only the 2nd of November. In Oaxaca it’s party-time a few days in advance!

Today they started with the sand-tapestry. And I already saw parades of dressed-up kids at the zocalo. There are altars and skeletons in every shop. And exhibitions of skulls and skeletons in different places. Casa de las Artesanias organises several things (2 blocks from the zocalo). But just walk around, and you see colours everywhere! And this year, it’s even better than last year!

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates later this week!

Preview of Dia de Muertos

After a few relaxing days of research, we got thrown into the comparsas (parades) in Oaxaca. A lot of music, alcohol and dressed-up people having fun on the streets. That’s what a like :) And the first boy, being Michael Jackson, so hilarious!

Michael Jackson in Oaxaca


Eldery and scary animals dancing in Oaxaca


Comparsa - Dia de Muertos in Oaxaca


Comparsa - Dia de Muertos in Oaxaca


Comparsa - Dia de Muertos in Oaxaca




Today I spend the whole day outside in Chapultepec Parc. Yes, I have a tanned skin, slightly red. But I also have some more pictures. I am getting into the rythm! The two-year old girl was so nice to pose for me surrounded by her presents. And the party-boy (alias Iron Man) felt a bit tired after his piñata…

Inspired by Jimmy Kets

Last Friday I was taking pictures on the Gala evening of AIESEC UA at the Motel in Antwerp. When I saw the leggs of the surprise act in combination with womens’ leggs, I took a picture à la style of Jimmy Kets.

AIESEC Gala evening - leggs

And this is the upper part of the body:

AIESEC Gala evening - Surprise act


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