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Oproep Vlaamse Interieurs

Dankzij Stichting Roeping heb ik het geld bij elkaar om verder te werken aan mijn fotoproject “Vlaamse interieurs”. Kranten, televisie en de radio helpen mij nu bij de zoektocht naar extra interieurs. Heb je een buur, grootouders of kennissen die ook nog in zo’n typisch Vlaams interieur wonen? Stuur me dan gerust een mailtje !

Tot eind juli werk ik aan de opnames over heel Vlaanderen. Het grootste deel van de beurs gaat naar een expo die in het voorjaar 2011 plaatsvindt in het Centraal Station van Antwerpen. Nadien reist de expo door naar andere treinstations, meer informatie volgt later.

Enkele voorbeelden van Vlaamse interieurs

Publicatie in Het Nieuwsblad (29 mei 2010)

Me & Gazet van Antwerpen

Preparing the roadtrip in Mexico is just one of the many projects I work on. thanks to Stichting Roeping I can expose a serie of pictures of the Flemish Interiors in the train stations next year, as mentioned in the newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen. Any tips of Flemish Interiors are still welcome!

Call up

The last weeks I had call ups in some magazines to find more typical Flemish interiors. And I am very satistfied with the response. I am putting more and more dots on my map to gather the addresses! So, I am ready for more action on the field!

Kerk + Leven




This week I went back to my roots in the hope to find more “Vlaamse Interieurs”. Someone told me they are taking down the building of my old school Sint-Vincentius Instituut in Gijzegem. I went down to check and found this scenery…

The study-room with his old black board and wooden desk, which would be perfect for my project, was already damaged. I did take some pictures of the “feestzaal” with my large format camera. These pictures will be available later.

Next week I take a photography course in London at CSM. I will post some of the pix on my blog.

Vlaamse Interieurs

Recently I started my project about “Vlaamse Interieurs” (Flemish Interiors). I want to capture the lifestyle of our grandparents who are becoming a rare species. Each object in their house has their own story. I try to put them together in an image on large format, so I can blow them up and show the details. 

If you still know any (Belgian) people with this type of houses, please contact me ( Time is running out. I often heard “It is too late, my mother just passed away…”

IJzerwake in video

I tried to make a slideshow with music that fits to the content of the IJzerwake. This is what I came up with. The sounds and the pictures together bring you closer to the reality of the event.

You hear the Flemish anthym: De Vlaamse Leeuw.


Today’s pictures were taken during the festival IJzerwake. The radical Flemish minded orgainsation VZW IJzerwake organises this event to remember the soldiers who died in the frontline of the 1st World War. They also strive for an independant republic of Flanders in stead of the Kingdom of Belgium. The Flemish lion is the symbol of there reasoning. The lion appears on flags, umbrellas, scarfs, etc. These believers pass on their way of thinking to their kids. So on the event you have children with a very scary face. They are drilled to perform perfect in the music band.

Last year was the first time I went there and I was really scared to see this part of the society. I was shocked by hearing and seeing them singing extreme songs. You, as a foreigner, will never be able to see this part of the Belgian (euh, Flemish) culture. So I post some pictures to give you an inside view.

IJzerwake flags

IJzerwake music band

IJzerwake child

IJzerwake flag

IJzerwake children


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