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Vlaamse Interieurs op video

De expo reist verder, nog heel eventjes.

In Antwerpen-Centraal kwamen de grote prints het beste tot hun recht. Mensen bleven spontaan stilstaan, poseerden voor de foto, vertelde elkaar verhalen of kinderen speelden met het interieur.

Zet u. Kijk en luister even naar de Vlaamse Interieurs en anekdotes van hun inwoners. Ook Axl Peleman deelt een levendige herinnering!

Meer uitleg en vertalingen van de anekdotes zijn te ontdekken in het vervolg van de expo.

First Pentax67 pictures of Mexico!

It took me some time to process the high amount of films… But here are the first pictures scanned and retouched! I also took these chapels on digital (see previous posts), so you can compare and let me know which one you like the best (WordPress does flat the bright colors I had…). More will follow!

Angel, Demons and Guadelupe


Guadelupe on the road

Black & White

I started taking very simple portraits with my large format camera. I really love the dept of field and the grain of the Tmax 400 film! I don’t know yet what kind of people I will “collect” in these pictures, maybe just the people I meet in my life… This picture is my sister, more pictures will follow.


Annie Leibovitz

I value an image when I understand the effort and person behind its work. I was very impressed by getting to know a bit about Annie Leibovitz. Her dedication and commitment, which is documented in the film “Life through a lens”, deserves enormous respect. A woman with the strength and courage to discover the world. Her character and pictures inspire me…

She has an exhibition of her personal and assignment work in the National Portrait Gallery in London until the 2nd of February. Does anybody wants to join me for a visit?

More from the old school…

I managed to develop some more films I made for Flemish Interiors, here again Sint-Vincentiusschool in Gijzegem. The old toilets and fuses are gone by now… due to rebuilding.

I scanned some of the black & white (Fuji Across) with my simple Canon Pixma MP150 and it gives a very dirty look. Which I kind of like for these pictures… No “adding dust” needed with Photoshop!


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