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A ride in a vocho taxi

I am back on the road with an assistant, so I can take out my camera whenever I want. Like in this bumpy taxi ride… I got some more nice shots, but that’s gonna be for a final movie (in HD!).

Vochos by night

I’m totally into the Canon 5DII video! I managed to get some shoots that represent Mexican daily life with the vocho really well!

VW Beetle – In Memoriam

Today it was 6 years ago that the last VW beetle was produced in the factory in Puebla, Mexico. Here  a few of my pictures during my trip in April as a tribute to these lovely cars.

Vocho Verde - Taxi 1


Vocho Verde - Taxi 2

Vocho mania in Belgium

The last week I have been working very hard on scanning and retouching the film I shot. I will upload some pictures soon…

Today I went down to Fontaine L’Evêque to check out a beetle reunion with the theme “La Cox à Mexico”. It was great to have the Mexican vibes and smiling vocho’s surrounding me! There was even a vocho verde (taxi), home made in Belgium! I hope to see them again in Mexico City before they all disapear…

Some images of the reunion:

Tiger beetle


Sleeping VW




Bananan beetle


Smiley face


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