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How to buy a beetle in Mexico City? Part IV

It’s not that easy to find a good one. Mexicans love their bochito! So they are not eager to sell them. Or it sells really fast!

I keep on repeating Step 6 (Tell everybody you are looking for a vocho + handout your phone number) in combination with Step 5 (waiting!). I am not that kind of person to sit and wait… So I got the next step.

7. Check out the internet (Be Aware! You get dizzy by the numbers and all the windows popping up!)

There are Models 2003 – the ultimate ones! – in offer, but 7 500 EUR is out of my budget. I found today about 15 vochos who seem to be in a good condition (models ’90 -’00) and fit more or less in my budget (1 000 – 1 500 EUR). The next thing I can’t do myself…

8. Ask your friend to call all these people (Most of them are already sold, but you might be lucky!)

During my search on the net, I bumped into some funny vochos! No Photoshop!

How to buy a beetle in Mexico City? Part III

This weekend I got into Step 6 of buying a beetle.

6. Tell everybody you meet that you’re looking for a vocho.

They come up with other ideas! One of the guys gave me his newspaper. The descriptions in the second hand section sounds good: not too many kilometers and they fit in my budget!  One of the taxi-drivers – I take a lot, on average 4 taxi’s a day! – advised me to get in touch with local Volkswagen dealers. Yeah, so simple! But first I had to avoid all his questions about liberty of sex in Belgium and other countries… So I got the advise that if you want to find guys with a big sizes and girls with good experience, you should go to:

1. Brussels
2. Yucatan in Mexico
3. South Africa

Well, I am nothing with this advise. I am perfectly happy with my boyfriend.  Maybe you can do something with this information ;)

How to buy a beetle in Mexico City? – Part II

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was waiting and keeping my eyes open for VW Beetles for sale.

Today I spotted one, while holding myself and all my stuff in the shaking bus. I jumped off and asked in my best Spanish the year of construction, and how much the car costs: 9 000 pesos. Fits into my budget, I aim for 16 000 pesos (1 000 EUR). But made in 1976… That’s too old, way too risky it would break down on the road… He has my number. He will call me when he gets a good one for sale. I got extra eyes spotting for Pablo!

He did give some other advice too. Every Saturday and Sunday there is a free market with thousands of cars, nearby Peri Sur (in the South of the City). For 200 pesos (14 EUR) you can get a check-up by a policeman to check if the car is legal. My friends doubt about this way to get a car… So I’ll search the internet, which will be my job for the weekend. I hope to receive a call from the mechanice with the news he found a terrific “vocho”! He’s better in judging a car than me.

A ride in a vocho taxi

I am back on the road with an assistant, so I can take out my camera whenever I want. Like in this bumpy taxi ride… I got some more nice shots, but that’s gonna be for a final movie (in HD!).

Green Go!

I was asthonised to see Mexico City last week withou the green beetle taxi’s… Yes, they are all gone, all thousands of them… Here and there you can find a few ones left: “taxi” whiped out with green paint, covered with dust, “for sale”,… Amazing how suddenl, just a few weeks, y a cityscape can change. You can still find some beetle taxi’s, but only painted in the new colors… without colored gas lids, stickers or other flashy decorations. It’s not the same… :(

And I can only think about “gringo”, which means “green go”. The Mexicans yelled this at the Americans in green army uniform during the war…

Red-gold beetle taxi 3

Red-gold beetle taxi 2

Red-gold beetle taxi 1

WEDSTRIJD De Film van Mijn Leven

These pictures of mine participate in the competition “DE FILM VAN MIJN LEVEN”  of the television channel Canvas. You can still send your pictures until midnight 26th of May on the website of Canvas. (I do hate the colour desaturation of WordPress :s )


XV Anos


Vocho Verde




El hombre arana


Angels, Demons and Guadelupe

On the road II

Some more coloured views of Mexico City…



Chicken for sale


Chapel with non

Sneak preview of the vocho verde

I spend the last week on hunting the green beetle cars with my camera’s… The taxi-hopping goes fine, although it is hard to find decorated ones. And each “taxista” is proud that a European photographer wants to take a picture of their bochito ;)


Vocho interior


I finally went outside again to take pictures. I feel a bit lost and need to find my inspiration back… Does a photograpers’ block exist? After waiting and watching shadows I took this picture in front of the Rubens Museum in Antwerp.   Dog


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