Gisteren fotograferen. Morgen exposeren. Hoe oud nieuw kan worden.


Getting ready for the interview…

I am installed, with computer, table and a fresh cappuccino! Totally ready for the technical test, and for the interview in 3 hours! So I keep on enjoying the great internet connection (much better than at my house) and the great atmosphere in the garden of Casa Azul! I hope to have a look at the museum again later on :)

Stamps of Pablo the Beetle

Last night I spend hours on making prints of Pablo the Beetle. My sister was so nice to make me a stamp. And now I use it to make small gifts to hand out to the Mexican children who helped me with the video. I have about 100 now, but I don’t think it will be enough for the whole trip…

How to buy a beetle in Mexico City? Part III

This weekend I got into Step 6 of buying a beetle.

6. Tell everybody you meet that you’re looking for a vocho.

They come up with other ideas! One of the guys gave me his newspaper. The descriptions in the second hand section sounds good: not too many kilometers and they fit in my budget!  One of the taxi-drivers – I take a lot, on average 4 taxi’s a day! – advised me to get in touch with local Volkswagen dealers. Yeah, so simple! But first I had to avoid all his questions about liberty of sex in Belgium and other countries… So I got the advise that if you want to find guys with a big sizes and girls with good experience, you should go to:

1. Brussels
2. Yucatan in Mexico
3. South Africa

Well, I am nothing with this advise. I am perfectly happy with my boyfriend.  Maybe you can do something with this information ;)

How to buy a beetle in Mexico City? – Part II

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was waiting and keeping my eyes open for VW Beetles for sale.

Today I spotted one, while holding myself and all my stuff in the shaking bus. I jumped off and asked in my best Spanish the year of construction, and how much the car costs: 9 000 pesos. Fits into my budget, I aim for 16 000 pesos (1 000 EUR). But made in 1976… That’s too old, way too risky it would break down on the road… He has my number. He will call me when he gets a good one for sale. I got extra eyes spotting for Pablo!

He did give some other advice too. Every Saturday and Sunday there is a free market with thousands of cars, nearby Peri Sur (in the South of the City). For 200 pesos (14 EUR) you can get a check-up by a policeman to check if the car is legal. My friends doubt about this way to get a car… So I’ll search the internet, which will be my job for the weekend. I hope to receive a call from the mechanice with the news he found a terrific “vocho”! He’s better in judging a car than me.

How to buy a beetle in Mexico City?

The next weeks, you can follow me here in my search for a VW Beetle, vocho in Mexico. And check out each step it gets closer to a green Beetle taxi! Well, it will be a copy to avoid fines and angry policemen!

So, how do you start to get a car for 4 months as a foreigner?

1. You fall in love with the VW Beetle (that’s what happened to me some years ago!)
2. Than you make Mexican friends (’cause you’re nothing without them!)
3. Get in touch with a reliable garage keeper who can fix the car (get advise from your friends)
4. Keep your eyes open for Beetles with a dollar sign, meaning “for sale” (and ask your friends too)
5. Wait(I’m in this fase right now!)

I hope to be in the next step soon! I wonder what it will be…

Hit the piñata!

To say goodbye from the Belgian children, there was a workshop about Mexico. Including hitting a piñata! For sure, the kids had loads of fun with the dozens of candies and toys. The Belgian television asked them which kind of questions they have about Mexico. You can discover the answers soon on!

You can check out on this post how to make your own piñata!

Pablo on Belgian television!

Only one night left… And I’ll be back in Mexico! But today I felt a bit like being there… sitting in the beetle taxi in Belgium. During an interview to the Belgian press about the blog of “Pablo de Kever” (Pablo the Beetle).

Enjoy the video, more pictures of behind the scenes will follow!

Stopmotion Pablo de Kever

The video of Pablo de Kever (Pablo the Beetle) is finally ready! After loads of hours photographing, editing and help from friends and family! Enjoy and share!

I have only 3 days left to head back to Mexico… First I’ll give another workshop about Mexico for children AND we’ll hit the piñata Pablo! Pictures will follow ;)

First video

The first video to promote the blog for children is online! It’s green… More information will follow…

6 weeks

No, I am not pregnant or so… Only 6 weeks left and I’ll be rediscovering Mexico!

Loads of things to do (insurance, VW beetle, sponsors), and little time left… My main focus for now is the blog I’ll start for Flemish children to follow my adventures in Mexico. I will post stories, pictures, videos, little games but most important are the questions they have about Mexico. The VW beetle, my boyfriend and I will go and look for the answers! This colourfull blog will be online soon!

In the mean time I keep on looking for pictures to put in my playlist. I heard this morning “Joe le Taxi” of Vanessa Paradis on the radio, a big summer hit about 23 years ago :-o The videoclip is totally outdated (and fun to watch!), but the vibes are perfect for a hot summer!

Dirty love

Great remix of You’ve got the Love from Florence + The Machine! For now only to see on youtube, but I hope to find the mp3 to add it on the playlist for the roadtrip… To celebrate the good news of today, for you ;)


Another song for the playlist… A song to listen too after a long day, hitting the road with the sunset in front of us… Having a little piece of Belgium on the radio thanks to the Belgian band Isbells…

The Cardigans

I loved this videoclip as a teenager, such a great roadtrip feeling! But could only dream at that time to hit the road myself. The countdown starts, only 4,5 months left! Oh, but I’ll behave on the road and keep it save, thanks to amazing company :)


Woaw, I love “Scar Tissue” of the Red Hot Chili Peppers… I can feel the car, smell the wind and see the sceneries driving the VW beetle while this song plays on my iPhone! Enjoy!

Manu Chao on my radio…

My desk is loaded with books, little beetles, maps, papers with ideas,… As many inputs as possible to get ready for the roadtrip! Just 3 months left to head back for Mexico, but it feels like being there already when listening to this song of Manu Chao. Well yeah, it was a big summer hit when I first visited Mexico. And music has this strange power to keep memories very alive… I’ll add this to my playlist!

Stopmotion Video

No, you won’t find a VW beetle in this video… But I adore stopmotion video’s  and this is a great example, made by one of the coolest Belgian companies Beast Animation. I can’t wait to make my own video’s with my VW beetle, or on top… or inside… or underneath…

Retro advertisement VW Beetle

If I could, I would also make an advertisement for my roadtrip in Mexico, maybe in August when I’ll be the proud owner of my VW beetle :) For now, I just share this great vintage video… I won’t be challenged by snow, but I know my beetle will take me up these steep hills in Mexico! Well, maybe I should start some work-out and gain some extra muscles in case he gives up in the middle of the road. I’ll soon make a “to take”-list.


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